International Programs

Promoting Cultural Awareness, Community Service, and Global Citizenship

International Programs at Maryknoll

Maryknoll’s International Programs promote cultural awareness, community service, and global citizenship. These programs fulfill Maryknoll School’s mission to create 21st century learners, leaders and citizens of character, and to put to practice Noblesse Oblige, the motto which we instill in our students.

We teach our students to respect fellow human beings regardless of their race, gender, religion, economic and political backgrounds; we educate them to appreciate the diversity of different cultures; we encourage them to cherish the nature and regard the rights of all living things, and to strive to resolve world conflicts without the use of violence. The experiences that International Programs offer are that of personal growth. Students who participate in these programs become more understanding, more mature and confident. It is our belief that the international opportunities we provide can enable our students to truly become global citizens who will be leaders in advocating for global change and world peace.


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